❤️ HTF Corelle MY GARDEN 15x12 COUNTER SAVER Tempered Glass Colorful Floral Border

  • $55.99

Brand New! Rare Find!

The delightful yellow, blue and pink palette of the My Garden collection captures the beauty of a summer garden in exceptional detail. Graceful and elegant, this collection brings a burst of color to any table.

The Corelle My Garden pattern was produced from 1999 to 2005

Corelle Coordinates
My Garden

15 x12  Tempered Glass Counter Saver

  • Sanitary work surface resists stains and odors
  • Durable, long-lasting, impact resistant tempered glass
  • Protects surfaces from heat, scratches, condensation
  • Laminated safety backing and non-slip feet
  • Made in the USA

 This original tempered glass cutting board, made by Vance Ind., protects your counters and serving tables from hot pots and pans. Textured top surface. 
Rubber feet which keeps board above surfaces.
Do not submerge in water or leave in standing water!

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