6-pc PYREX Round DIAMONDS Food Storage Container Set 7, 4 & 2 Cup BOWLS Turquoise Pruple

  • $59.99


6-pc Pyrex Diamonds

7 Cup, 4 Cup & 2 Cup

Food Storage Set

Featuring whimsical accents in turquoise and purple diamonds, these glass dishes have secure lids to keep foods fresh in the fridge, freezer of pantry. Durable, pure Pyrex glass stands up to the microwave and dishwasher use after use, and because it’s stain- and odor-resistant, it stays clean and preserves your food’s flavors.

  • Durable high-quality tempered glass bowls
  • Easily nests and stacks with other Pyrex storage
  • Secure lids for taking food on-the-go
  • Containers resist stains and do not absorb food odors or flavors
  • Containers are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe


    Glass Storage Dish 1 4.75'' diameter x 2.25'' high 2 cups
    Glass Food Storage 1 6'' diameter x 2.75'' high 4 cups
    Glass Food Storage 1 7.5'' diameter x 3.25'' high 7 cups
    Storage Lid 1 4.75'' diameter
    Storage Lid 1 6'' diameter
    Storage Lid 1 7.25'' diameter

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